Testimonial – Simon Paul Keys & Siouxsie Gillett

With filming for our TV show and living between South Africa and the UK, life is hectic and we often don't know where we'll be from one month to the next. We wanted to invest in the UK property market as we know there are plenty of opportunities to make money, however with so many factors to consider, we knew it would be quite easy to make a wrong decision.

Nina and Richard at Inspired Equity took control of all that for us. They made it their mission to understand our goals so that they could find the right investment for us. They talked us through the process and provided documentation that set out their obligations to us. They clearly highlighted what the returns would be, along with the possible risks and how they mitigate these to protect our investment.

Once we agreed on a project they did absolutely everything for us, whilst keeping us regularly informed of progress. The speed at which they and their team operated was really impressive and we now receive a regular monthly income wherever we are in the world, at a far greater return than we could have achieved by investing on our own.

We found the entire process enjoyable and we thoroughly recommend Richard and Nina at Inspired Equity, it's a pleasure doing business with them.