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During the conversion of one of our properties from a family home into shared living accommodation, two neighbours objected to the work being carried out, despite our team working within our property boundaries and within prescribed working hours. 

They registered complaints with the following authorities:

  • Planning Department
  • Building Control
  • Environmental Health
  • Trading Standards 
  • Housing & HMO Officers
  • Water Authorities

Quite rightly, each authority investigated their complaints and in each case:

  • Advised that they were already aware of the planned work and that we were working within legislation and to the appropriate standards.
  • Advised that they are aware of Inspired Equity and our build team and know the standard of our properties and the work we undertake.
  • Undertook inspections to satisfy the complaint, with each investigation resulting in no further action and our build team receiving commendation for their work.
  • Signed off the work and closed the complaints.

We subsequently arranged to meet the neighbours to allay any further concerns. The neighbours were invited into the property, so that they could see exactly what work had been carried out; they were actually extremely impressed with how the property had been converted, along with the quality of the work and, once they understood Inspired Equity’s business model for shared living accommodation, their concerns were dispelled.

What does this mean?

Having a great team around you who uphold your brand values is imperative. It means that projects are not delayed, which ensures us achieving our revenue targets and Investor returns immediately.

It also further strengthened our relationship and reputation with the Government departments.