Brexit and the Economy


There are many views on what the UK property market will do when we exit the EU, all of which are speculative and everyone who owns a property (be they investors, landlords or just home owners) have become an expert on the subject. This poses an issue, as people either stop putting properties on the market, stop buying them, or both.

One thing is certain in our eyes though, there is still a huge shortage of housing in the UK, which won’t go away whatever the current status of the economy.

There is also the misconceived issue of the property ‘bubble’ bursting. Our view on this is that the ‘bubble’ never bursts in property; the value of a property can go up and the value of a property can sometimes go down, however there is always a physical property that remains, which still has an intrinsic value.

Sometimes a market can falsely inflate; indeed, sometimes the landlord or property owner can themselves force inflated value into the property, which ultimately leaves them in a position of negative equity, should the market change.

Therefore, if you are relying solely on capital growth of the property as your source of income (which is a very risky strategy), then the market value of the property will matter significantly to you. The experienced investor however will ensure that each property provides a sustainable income, whether the UK housing market goes up, goes down or remains static. At Inspired Equity, we add value to the property when we purchase it and ensure that the property provides a healthy monthly income, regardless of the current UK property market conditions.

The current economic conditions always change, whether it be Brexit, a general election, or any other matter that is currently a hot topic. An experienced investor knows that changes in legislation and changes in market conditions create new and exciting opportunities. Property investing is a business; we treat it as one.

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